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  • This week marks the halfway point...


    This week marks the halfway point for policy bill review. House and Senate committees are working quickly to hear and move bills out of committee prior to the House releasing its budget next week.

  • Legislative Progress Report


    Yesterday we passed a major cutoff in the state legislature. All bills had to be out of their originating house by 5:00pm, so we spent the last 3 days doing everything we could to get bills pulled from rules and on the floor calendar and then voted on in their respective chambers.

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  • What is the Right Amount of Ernest Money?


    Before we can address the question of determining the right amount of earnest money, we have to start with a clear understanding of the purpose for earnest money—what it does and what it does not do.

  • Annual Maintenance for Your Online Identity


    Winter is a great time to analyze your business’s image from an outside perspective. Potential buyers and sellers are making decisions about you based on what they read online. You have an opportunity to manage and curate that information in a way that puts your professional image in the best light possible. To start, search for your business name online, and then search for it with the word “REALTOR” next to it. This will give you a quick idea of what your online identity looks like today.

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