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Friday Video Update - Buyers Can Now Deposit Directly to Escrow...

Buyers may now deposit earnest money directly to escrow. How does buyer's Broker verify that deposit? And how does the Broker get a receipt for the record? Washington REALTOR Legal Hotline Lawyer Annie Fitzsimmons explains the ramifications of this change in Form 21 - paragraph B. Watch the YouTube Video here!.

edCON 2014

Ed CON is scheduled for October 7-8, 2014! This two-day annual event offers up to 15 clock hours ... to include national speakers, lunch (both days), a vendor showcase, a reception and tons of fun! Our instructors are busy writing new classes and material to deliver fresh and relevant information. Best of all, you get to choose the course(s) that fit YOUR needs and interests. This is truly tailored education! REGISTER TODAY!

Fall Business Conference 2014

The Washington REALTORS® Fall Business Conference is scheduled to be held in Pasco, WA at the Red Lion Hotel, from September 17-19, 2014. Event information, including lodging info, is now available here.

Legal Hotline Q & A of the Week

Question: I represent the Purchaser in a transaction. After the home inspection and following receipt of buyers instructions, I prepared Form 35R and sent it timely to listing agent. What happens if SELLER does not respond in the time allowed? Is that essentially a rejection and buyer has to decide how to proceed? We have not been going back and forth negotiating inspection items. This is the buyers first request for repairs. The seller has two back-up offers and I want to make sure that he just can't walk away from the contract. View the Answer here!

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