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  • The Budget Battles Are About to Begin


    Every week during the Legislative Session one of the Washington REALTORS® contacts on the Hill will give you a brief update on what is happening in Olympia and how it affects you...

  • FEMA Shows Some Progress Implementing Flood Insurance Changes: GAO


    The agency responsible for managing the federal flood insurance program has made progress in carrying out key changes mandated by Congress in two recent laws but lacks resources and data to completely implement others, a government report says. [See copy of report at end of story.]

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  • Annual Maintenance for Your Online Identity


    Winter is a great time to analyze your business’s image from an outside perspective. Potential buyers and sellers are making decisions about you based on what they read online. You have an opportunity to manage and curate that information in a way that puts your professional image in the best light possible. To start, search for your business name online, and then search for it with the word “REALTOR” next to it. This will give you a quick idea of what your online identity looks like today.

  • What the McCleary Decision Means for REALTORS®


    For REALTORS®, the question of how the legislature funds basic education to comply with the Supreme Court’s McCleary decision matters both in Olympia and at home. In Olympia, new tax revenues being discussed include increased business and occupation (B&O) taxes, a new state capital gains tax, or imposing the state’s sales tax on professional services—including real estate services.

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