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It’s no surprise that 2023 was labeled “The Year of Housing"...between escalating mortgage rates, lack of inventory and increasingly tight mortgage lending standards, getting people into homes—and, existing homeowners’ properties sold—consumed a lot of resources and attention. Washington REALTORS® successfully introduced bills to increase housing density/supply and also expedite homebuilding. 

The focus for the 2024 Legislative Session will be an extension of the work we carried forward from 2023, using the momentum gained to further pro-housing legislation and protect against legislation that would harm the real estate transaction. View WR's Legislative Priorities below for more details... 

2024 WR Legislative Priorities

Updated 1/15/24

Allow Administrative Lot Splitting to Create New Buildable Lots

REALTORS® support legislation through which a homeowner can create an additional residential buildable lot through an administrative lot split.  This determination would be made by cities through an administrative process similar to lot line adjustments, so that cities can ensure that the new residential lot meets various requirements such as lot size, availability of utilities, legal access and easements, and compliance with critical areas, wetlands, and other environmental constraints.  In the 2023 Legislature, HB 1245 passed the House 94-2, the House again passed HB 1245 to the Senate to start the 2024 Session.   

SPONSOR(S): Rep. Andrew Barkis


BILL(S): HB 1245


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Allow Detached Accessory Dwelling Units in Rural Areas


While King County allows Detached Accessory Dwelling Units outside of Urban Growth Areas, Growth Board decisions have prevented other counties from allowing this same type of housing. The result is that while attached units can be built in rural areas, detached ADUs cannot be legally built.  The result is an increase in illegally converted garages, barns, or sheds – and a clear inequity in housing supply for rural areas of Washington State. Detached ADUs are less expensive, smaller, and easier to build – our State’s largest and wealthiest county allows them – but other counties cannot.  The Legislature should correct this unfairness by allowing (but limiting) Detached ADUs, or by giving all counties the option of implementing King County’s Detached ADU ordinance. 


SPONSOR(S): Chapman (HB 1133) / Gildon (SB 5357) / Low (HB 2126) / Braun (SB 6029) 


BILLS: HB 1133 / SB 5357 / HB 2126 / SB 6029


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Increase Housing Supply Through Transit-Oriented Development



Washington State will be investing billions of dollars in rail and bus transit, and these areas must include significant new housing supply and neighborhood commercial services.  Cities with major transit centers should not impose development regulations or other requirements that prevent transit-oriented housing supply.  Housing affordability should be addressed through locally-developed programs that reflect market conditions, with state funding support, and by using successful incentive programs like the Multi-Family Tax Exemption (MFTE).  Cities deserve state financial support for local TOD planning and infrastructure needs, to ensure that TOD areas have a mix of residential and commercial development, while also providing community services and amenities.


SPONSOR(S): Reed (HB 2160) / Trudeau (SB 6024)

WR Position: Support

BILL(S): HB 2160 / SB 6024

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The Housing & Real Estate Market is Fragile – Do No Harm

Current economic conditions result in a struggling real estate market for residential single and multifamily, and commercial real estate.  Washington State is experiencing declining investments in new single and multifamily housing construction, cancellation or delay of numerous development projects, and a reduction in new building permits.  Our real estate markets compete against other regions to attract investments in housing and real estate – state and local tax and regulatory actions must not harm an already fragile real estate market or disincentivize investment in future supply.

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WR Legislative Videos

WR Legislative News

The WA State RE Commission Would Like to Hear From You

The commission is collecting information to assess impacts related to Substitute Senate Bill (SSB) 5399 – Concerning future listing right purchase contracts (RCW – 61.38.901), formerly known as 40-year contracts.

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NAR Celebrates 4 Washington REALTORS® at RPAC Hall of Fame Ceremony

NAR celebrated 4 Washington REALTORS® at its REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) Hall of Fame Ceremony Monday evening during this week’s 2024 Legislative Meetings in DC.

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Washington REALTOR® Members Are Invested…And It Shows!

THANK YOU to our Washington REALTOR® Members who are extremely invested in the future of real estate! Your commitment to RPAC shows as WR is one of only 21 states to meet/exceed all of the following fundraising goals...

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FAQ: Preliminary Approval of NAR Settlement

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Important Announcement from the Appraisers' Coalition of Washington

In recent months, there has been confusion over how local or state increases to residential zoning could impact the ability of residential appraisers to appraise residential properties that currently have 1 to 4 dwelling units, but have been upzoned to allow redevelopment of 5 or more dwelling units.

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Detached ADU's

Detached ADU's - Legal in cities and now legal at the State Capitol - but will they become legal in rural areas?

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Legislative Testimony 2024: SB6191

Watch Washington REALTORS® Government Affairs Director, Mary Hull-Drury give testimony to the Senate – Ways & Means Committee on Senate Bill 6191, Housing/Taxes.

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A Successful Legislative Days Event

The two-day event was packed with meetings, networking events, a beautiful installation banquet, guest speakers and more. Furthermore, our members met with 119 Legislators on the Hill to help further REALTOR Legislative Priorities. Read the full recap...

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Legislative Testimony 2024: HB2274

Watch Washington REALTORS® Commercial Government Affairs Director, Riley Benge give testimony to the House – Housing Committee on House Bill 2274, Consumer Protections for Solicited Real Estate.

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Legislative Testimony 2024: HB2276

Watch Washington REALTORS® Government Affairs Director, Mary Hull-Drury give testimony to the House – Housing Committee on House Bill 2276, Real Estate Excise Tax (REET).

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Legislative Testimony 2024: HB2114

Watch Washington REALTORS® Commercial Government Affairs Director, Riley Benge give testimony to the House – Housing Committee on House Bill 2114, the bill's potential negative impacts on our state's housing market, and the stress its passage will have on housing providers in our state.

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Legislative Testimony 2024: SB5961

Watch Washington REALTORS® Commercial Government Affairs Director, Riley Benge give testimony to the House – Housing Committee on Senate Bill 5961, explaining how the passage of this bill in its current state will add pressure to our state's already stressed housing market.

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Legislative Testimony 2024: HB2008

Watch Washington REALTORS Commercial Government Affairs Director, Riley Benge give testimony to the House – Housing Committee on House Bill 2008: Creating a Taskforce on Housing Cost Driver Analysis on January 8th, 2024.

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Legislative Testimony 2024: HB2160

Washington REALTORS® Director of Public Policy, Bill Clarke, recently testified on HB 2160, which addresses Transit-Oriented Development (TOD).

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Kicking off the 2024 Legislative Session

As the 2024 Legislative Session kicks off, we aim to carry forward the momentum from the historic 2023 Washington Legislative Session, famously dubbed "The Year of Housing." During this period, a record number of pro-housing bills were passed, marking a turning point in our housing initiatives. Now, it's time for REALTORS® to drive housing progress even further!

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Combatting Misinformation

Question: Will upzones driven by 2023s HB 1110 and 1337, or locally-adopted zoning changes, cause existing single-family properties to lose eligibility for conforming financing or FHA- and VA backed loan products on a widespread basis? Find answers here.

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House Passes REALTOR® Priority Residential Lot Splitting Bill on Day 1 of 2024 Session

On January 8, the first day of the 2024 Legislative Session, the House of Representatives passed HB 1245 regarding residential lot splitting, sponsored by Representatives Andrew Barkis and Jessica Bateman.

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DBrief Episode 06: Agency Substitutions and Team Scenarios

There are significant legal changes impacting real estate transactions: the mandatory naming of brokers in brokerage service agreements. Annie Fitzsimmons delves into which forms to use when handling broker absences and asks for feedback regarding team scenarios.

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Statement from Washington REALTORS® President Alisha Harrison on the Burnett v. NAR et al Jury Verdict

Following the Burnett v. NAR verdict, Washington REALTORS® highlights its proactive approach to industry changes, emphasizing the forthcoming transparency-focused Agency Law effective January 1, 2024. The association provides resources and educational tools to assist brokers with the transition. Washington REALTORS® President, Alisha Harrison, expresses gratitude to members and reaffirms the organization's commitment to excellence.

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Washington REALTORS® Announce New Government Affairs Director: Mary Hull-Drury

Washington REALTORS® is pleased to announce that Mary Hull-Drury has accepted the role of Government Affairs Director effective immediately.

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What Was "Welcome Home"?

2023 Session Priorities

You may have seen our television ads and wonder, "What was 'Welcome Home' all about?" Welcome Home is a comprehensive plan to provide additional types of housing and ramp up incentives for local jurisdictions to provide more and diverse housing types...such as duplexes, triplexes, and cottage housing. Under Welcome Home, a series of legislative initiatives have been designed to allow more housing for our communities.