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Kicking off the 2024 Legislative Session

As the 2024 Legislative Session kicks off, we aim to carry forward the momentum from the historic 2023 Washington Legislative Session, famously dubbed "The Year of Housing." During this period, a record number of pro-housing bills were passed, marking a turning point in our housing initiatives. Now, it's time for REALTORS® to drive housing progress even further!

In 2024, our focus continues. Our legislative priorities encompass advocating for lot splitting initiatives, advancing Rural Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), promoting Transit-Oriented Development, and championing the 'Do No Harm' policy. These priorities serve as our guiding principles, leading us toward a future where housing accessibility and transaction security take center stage.
Curious to learn more about what this session holds? Tune in here as Washington REALTORS® Government Affairs Director, Mary Hull-Drury, and WR Director of Public Policy, Bill Clarke, discuss these legislative priorities further and provide insights into our upcoming Legislative Days Event on January 17th-18th!
Stay informed throughout this session by visiting our 2024 Legislative Session Page. There, you'll find updates, specific bill information, hill testimonials, and more!