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REALTOR® Safety Month Resources

REALTOR® Safety Month: NAR's REALTOR® Safety Program

September is REALTOR® Safety Month, and Washington REALTORS® is teaming up with the National Association of REALTORS® to ensure our members are properly educated and utilizing the safety resources available to you through your membership.  

The goal of NAR's REALTOR® Safety Program is to reduce the number of safety incidents that occur in the industry, so every REALTOR® comes home safely to his or her family every night. We will accomplish this goal together with our members by improving the Safety Culture in the industry: Talk about safety; create a safety plan and follow it; and encourage your fellow REALTORS® to do the same.

The reality in real estate is that there are some real threats when working in the field, and it's crucial to be prepared. The 2022 REALTOR® Safety Survey highlights alarming statistics of the potential dangers REALTORS® face while on the job:

○ 45,000 REALTORS® were victims of a crime while performing their duties.
○ 300,000 REALTORS® felt fear for their safety while on the job.
○ 400,000 REALTORS® don’t have safety protocols in place to protect themselves

Here's how NAR's REALTOR® Safety Program can make a significant difference in your safety:

○ Resources, tools and tips: proven techniques from field professionals to stay aware and prepared, ensuring your safety at all times.
○ Boost confidence: empower yourself with information and tools to handle challenging situations in the field effectively.
○ Free Live Webinars: join our REALTOR® Safety Month webinar on Sept. 13th, 12:00 pm CT, and learn how to detect threats through situational awareness. 

NAR REALTOR® Safety Program Resources 

1. Plan Your Safety Strategy
2. Tips and Best Practices
3. Training Videos
4. Webinars 
5. Articles 
6. Personal Protection Resources
7. Take the REALTOR® Safety Pledge

REALTOR® Safety Network

The National Association of REALTORS® is committed to the safety of our members. Through the REALTOR® Safety Network, NAR will deploy REALTOR® Safety Alerts via social media when a physical or cyberthreat to REALTORS® warrants national attention. For example:

• A REALTOR® or the immediate family member of a REALTOR® goes missing
• NAR learns that the association name or the names of its programs are being used fraudulently to attempt to collect money or information from REALTORS® or others
• A physical threat to REALTORS® warrants national attention
For incidents that don’t meet the criteria for a national alert, the REALTOR® Safety Team will ensure the local association is informed.

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SafeShowings App 
SafeShowings™ is the first real estate safety solution of its kind in a simple-to-use mobile app. It captures a facial image, in real time, of someone entering the property with you. Real estate professionals and their loved ones feel more secure knowing that SafeShowings will automatically text emergency contacts with details of who they are with, and their geolocation in an emergency. SafeShowings is available to members at a discounted price.  

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