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Update on HB 1951


Thank you all for your response to the Washington REALTORS® call to action on HB 1951. WR Members sent Legislators over 8,000 emails asking them to not pass HB 1951.

The good news is that members of the Consumer Protection and Business Committee made significant changes to the bill at our request. The bill no longer includes the removal of the “don’t know” check boxes on the Seller Disclosure Form and it no longer removes the “actual knowledge” standard.

However, the bill now includes adding a question to the seller disclosure form involving animal waste or other damage. We oppose even that piece of the bill as the question is too broad, and does not provide any clarity to potential buyers. Unfortunately, that version of the bill made it out of the Committee on party line 4-3 vote.

We will continue working on this issue, and the Call to Action will close this afternoon. Thank you all for your emails - they were certainly noticed and had an impact. Stay tuned for more updates on this bill and the other bills Washington REALTORS® is working on this session at