Make The Class a Success

WR offers co-sponsorship opportunities for Local REALTOR® Associations, chapters, and private member offices to host a class. This service helps to provide a direct avenue of contact and benefit between you and your members.

Schedule A Class

In order to co-sponsor a successful class the following tasks must be completed before, during and after the class.
  1. Choose your Class from the Class Catalog here.
  2. Identify a few date options to host the class
  3. Plan your Budget
  4. Contact the Instructor to negotiate your class choice(s), available dates, instructor fee & expenses. NOTE: Washington REALTORS® pays instructors directly and will invoice you after completion of class to included items a, b, & c as previously listed if applicable. 
  5. Complete the online contract to reflect the following information:
  6. If the class must be cancelled or rescheduled, please notify Washington REALTORS® and the instructor with as much advance notice as possible. This will allow the instructor enough time to cancel hotel and plane reservations if necessary.
  7. Prior to the class, the Education Department will email a PDF file of the materials and clock hour forms link. The co-host is responsible for printing and distributing materials to students (e.g. books, worksheets, tests, etc.).
  8. Contact the instructor to ensure she/he has directions and correct class information.
  9. If you are hosting the class virtually you will need to schedule the class under your virtual platform and provide the link to the instructor and the students.

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In person classes:

Sign-in sheets must be signed as students check in for the start of class and after returning from lunch. Please have the class monitor note on the sign-in sheet if students are late or leave class early.

In person classes:

Distribute class materials to students.

Virtual classes:

Have a class roster and a class monitor who will monitor the class, to make sure everyone is attending with their camera’s on and participating. The monitor is responsible for keeping track of those who attended without their camera on, monitoring chat for questions, and helping with any tech issues.

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In person classes: Send the clock hour forms link to the students after class for credit. Send a typed roster of all students in attendance to Washington REALTORS®, The roster must include the students first and last name, email and NRDS number.

Virtual classes: Download the zoom report, update your roster to reflect those students that should receive credit, send the students that clock hour forms link for credit. Send Washington REALTORS the zoom report and typed updated roster that includes the students first and last name, email and NRDS number. NOTE: Washington REALTORS® charges $10 per certificate issued.

Washington REALTORS® emails course completion certificates to students approximately 1-2 weeks after we've received materials.

NOTE: On occasion, students may comment they have not received their certificate. Please direct them to contact Washington 

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Washington REALTORS® encourages the use of class monitors for classes with more than 25-30 students for in person and requires a monitor for virtual classes. If your virtual class is more than 100 then we encourage you to have 2-3 monitors. Monitors typically assist instructors and students to help ensure a successful class. Some of the role’s monitors may perform include:

In person classes:
Registering & checking in students
Handing out class materials
Collecting student signatures
Reporting on student attendance*
Introducing the instructor
Helping the instructor “keep time”
Introducing class sponsors

Virtual Classes:
Monitoring student’s attendance, by keeping track of who has their camera off, and who is not participating appropriately.
Monitoring the virtual chat for questions
Helping with any technical problems
Supporting the instructor
Introducing the class and instructor
Sending Washington REALTORS an attendance report

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All classes will start and end on time. Students should be punctual and seated in the classroom prior to the time the session is to start. If the class is virtual subtends should be logged into class prior to the time of class with their camera on and in a setting that is appropriate for taking a class. Attendance at all sessions is mandatory for the student to receive credit for the course. For virtual classes, the student’s camera must be on to receive credit. Attendance will be monitored, and tardiness is unacceptable.  Students who persistently and significantly disrupt the class may be dismissed, at the discretion of the instructor, without receiving clock hours. Students must be in the classroom for the entire course offering in order to fulfill clock hour requirements as per RCW 18.85.165. No refund or transfers will be made.
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Students are encouraged to fill out a course evaluation form at the end of each class.
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All cellular phones and other wireless equipment should be turned to silent or vibrate before entering the classroom. The noise is not only distracting to the instructor but to other students.
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All students will be able to download their certificate from the WR website once they login into their member account within two weeks from the last day of class. Those students who need special processing should contact WR Education at (800) 562-6024. If a student does not receive their certificate within the two-week period, they should contact WR Education. 
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