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Agency Law Consumer Campaign

Washington REALTORS® have embraced some of the most consumer-friendly practices in the nation for buying and selling a home. WR collaborated closely with legislators to not only elevate these practices from industry norms to legal mandates, but also to ensure that these changes served the best interests of all parties involved in the real estate transaction. Our advocacy and dedication led to the unanimous passage of this legislation during the 2023 Legislative Session. Now, we're launching a consumer awareness campaign! See below for more information and resources you can use!

Agency Law Consumer Campaign

Resources for Real Estate Brokers & Local Associations!

Washington REALTORS® has mobilized a consumer media campaign to help educate your consumers about the changes that REALTORS® championed to promote fairness and transparency in the real estate transaction. We've launched a TV spot, created one-page educational flyer for you to give your consumers, and we're working with the media to raise awareness of REALTOR®-championed Agency Law changes and what they mean for the consumer.

Please feel free to download any of the assets below and reach out to for any questions!



Watch the TV Ads



🌟🏠 "REALTORS® championed a game-changing law for homebuyers in WA! Broker fees have always been negotiable, and now it’s written in stone. Know your rights to a transparent transaction. #REALTORSLed #TransparencyLaw #AgencyGuideWA"

💼📃 "Thanks to REALTORS®, Washington's homebuying process now legally ensures broker fee transparency. We've worked with legislators for your right to clear, negotiable broker fees. #REALTORSAdvocate #ConsumerProtection #AgencyGuideWA"

🤝🏡 "Buying a home in Washington? REALTORS® have got your back! We've helped make transparency in broker fees the law, reaffirming our commitment to negotiation and fair play. #REALTORSEmpower #FairnessAndTransparency #AgencyGuideWA"

✨📑 "REALTORS® are proud to have led the charge for transparent, negotiable broker fees in WA's new homebuying law. We're all about protecting consumers. #REALTORSDriveChange #NegotiableByLaw #AgencyGuideWA"

🏠💙 "REALTORS®' dedication to you has solidified your negotiating power in homebuying. Broker fees are transparent and your right to negotiate them is now guaranteed by law. #REALTORSLedTransparency #ClearFeesClearChoices #AgencyGuideWA"

👏📊 "Championing your right to transparency, REALTORS® in Washington have ensured that broker fee negotiations are not just expected—they're enshrined in law. Empower your homebuying experience. #REALTORSForTransparency #KnowBeforeYouBuy #AgencyGuideWA"

📣🏠 "REALTORS® have been fighting for your right to transparency and now it's official. With the new law, broker fees are an open book and yours to negotiate. We stand for consumer protection. #REALTORSChampion #TransparentTransactions #AgencyGuideWA"

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