President's Circle

The President’s Circle is a group of REALTORS® who contribute directly to REALTOR®-friendly candidates at the federal level. Political Action Committees, like RPAC, can only legally contribute $10,000 per election cycle to a congressional candidate. The President’s Circle Program supports REALTOR® Champions—members of Congress who have made significant achievements in advancing the REALTOR® public policy agenda. The President’s Circle Program allows REALTORS® to contribute beyond RPAC dollars and increase the strength of the REALTOR® voice on Capitol Hill.

RPAC President's Circle


Elizabeth Beatty • Spokane


Kathy Berndtson • Kitsap County


John Blom • Clark County


Eddie Chang • Seattle King County


Dale Chumbley • Clark County


Tiffany Claxton-Standley • Spokane


Cheri Daniels •Yakima


Sam DeBord • Seattle King County


Scott Dickinson • Seattle King County


Eric Etzel • Spokane


Scott Foister • Lower Columbia


Irene Garcia • Kitsap County


Jennifer Gilbert-Smith • Seattle King County


Kevin Gordham • Thurston County


Krista Gross • Whitman County


Philip Harlan • Thurston County


Alisha Harrison • Kitsap County


Patricia Hill • Seattle King County


Tom Hormel • Spokane


Michele Hunt • Seattle King County


Norman Jacobson • Kitsap County


Christina Janis •Thurston County


Mark Kitabayashi • Thurston County


Haley Larson • Yakima


Robin Laskody • Kittitas County


Frank Leach • Kitsap County


Gina Madeya • Seattle King County


Michael McAleer • Sequim


Keri McCombs • Spokane


Pat McGuire • Kitsap County


Rachel Mehmedagic • Seattle King County


Denise Neddo • Clark County

Annette Nitz • Kitsap County


Sharon O'Mahony • Seattle King County


Michael Orbino • Seattle King County


David Pope • Snohomish County-Camano


Kathleen Powell • Seattle King County


Colette Rarden • Kittitas County


Hailey Holbrook-Rarden • Kittitas County


Beverly Read • Seattle King County


William Riley • Tacoma Pierce County


Todd Shively • Seattle King County


Matt Side • Spokane


Jeff Smart • Tri City


Allison Trimble •Whatcom County


Debi Trull • Lower Columbia


Kitty Wallace • Kittitas County


Michael Wallin • Lower Columbia


JW Webb • Spokane


Karena Wells • Jefferson County


Jodi White • Clark County


Gary Wright • Whitman County


Laura Yoder • Lower Columbia



Realtors® Political Action Committee

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