Major Investors

These Major Investors work on your behalf to protect your business and future. The REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) is constantly advocating to protect private property rights and keep the market strong for members and our clients. RPAC is looking out for REALTORS® and property owners by focusing on issues that impact our business and supporting candidates and elected officials that support REALTORS®.

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RPAC Major Investors

2024 RPAC Major Investors

Michael Orbino • Seattle King County





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Ryan Beckett • Yakima

Kathy Berndtson • Kitsap County

Connie Bovee • Clark County

Eddie Chang • Seattle King County

Kristin Cheatley • Lower Columbia

Tiffany Claxton • Spokane

Darci Gillespie • Seattle King County

Krista Gross • Whitman County

Phil Harlan • Thurston County

Alisha Harrison • Kitsap County

Russ Hokanson • Seattle King County

Helene Hopkins • Whitman County

Tom Hormel • Spokane

Rich Jacobson • Kitsap County

Eric Johnson • Spokane

Frank Leach • Kitsap County

Gina Madeya • Seattle King County

Jerry Martin • Snohomish County-Camano

Michael McAleer • Seattle King County

Stephanie McCarthy • Seattle King County

Keri McCombs • Spokane

Pat McGuire • Kitsap County

Kathleen Powell • Seattle King County

Eric Pucci • Lower Columbia

Lynn Sanborn • Seattle King County

Matt Side • Spokane

Allison Trimble • Whatcom County

Debi Trull • Lower Columbia

Mike Wallin • Lower Columbia

Gary Wright • Whitman County

Laura Yoder • Lower Columbia

Tacoma Pierce County Association of REALTORS

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Joseph Bauman • Seattle King County

Dawn Beaudoin • Clark County

Samantha Enos • Seattle King County

Mark Fancher • Moses Lake Othello

Jennifer Gilbert-Smith • Seattle King County

Bradley Hanks • Whatcom County

Deidre Hicks • Seattle King County

James Holcomb • Clark County

Michele Hunt • Seattle King County

Christina Janis • Thurston County

Ken Jones • Spokane

J.P. Kissling • Yakima

Don Lonam • Seattle King County

Denice Neddo • Clark County

Keith Nelson • Seattle King County

Sharon O'Mahony • Seattle King County

Tamara Paul • Seattle King County

Melissa Purvines • Washington REALTORS

Craig Soehren • Washington State Commercial

Jodi White • Clark County

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Sharon Adams • Clark County

Brandon Allen • Whitman County

Ashley Alred • Whitman County

Bob Anderson • Northeast Washington

Carmen Andrew • Whatcom County

Gwen Arrand • Spokane

Dawn Baker • Thurston County

Pamela Begley • Jefferson County

Samara Behler • Spokane

Marsha Bhatt • Thurston County

Elsa Borgen • Tacoma Pierce County

Travis Boyd • Whatcom County

JoEll Byrnes • Whatcom County

Javier Cardenas • Yakima

Julie Carpenter • Whatcom County

Nicole Cathcart • Lower Columbia

Sharon Chambers-Gordon • Tacoma Pierce County

Justin Cofer • Whitman County

Scott Combs • Clark County

Mindy Courson • Northeast Washington

Trish Coy • Seattle King County

Jacob Davis • Whitman County

Scott Dickenson • Seattle King County

Midge Dobbs • Clark County

Michael Dormer • Whatcom County

Joanna Duran • Seattle King County

Don Enos • Whatcom County

Dezda Finn • Spokane

James Fisher • Tacoma Pierce County

Judy Flemmer • Spokane

Christine Forrey • Mason County

Glenn Franko • Port Angeles

Keith Fuller • Mason County

Joe Garst • Spokane

Daphne Gibler • Kitsap County

Cheyenne Gillooly • Seattle King County

Marguerite Glover • Sequim

Eric Golemo • Clark County

Kevin Gordham • Thurston County

Miriam Grant • Walla Walla

Chelsey Graves • Spokane

John Guarisco • Spokane

Molly Haines • Seattle King County

Haydn Halsted • Spokane

JoAnna Harrison • North Central Washington

Jamie Haywood • Kitsap County

Jenn Hawkins • Tacoma Pierce County

Elaine Hilton • Tacoma Pierce County

Felip Holbrook • Yakima

Matthew Huddleston • Seattle King County

Mary Hull-Drury • Washington REALTORS®

Randy Hunzeker • Clark County

Josie Hyde • Clark County

Jasmyn Jefferson • Tacoma Pierce County

Mikaela Ji • Seattle King County

Isaiah Johnston • Mason County

JoAnn Johnston • Clark County

David Knode • Clark County

Mike Lamb • Clark County

Diane Lokan • Lower Columbia

Mindy Jo Lyons • Spokane

Andrew Magallanez • Kitsap County

Jenah Mahan-Williams • Tacoma Pierce County

Renata Mason • Whatcom County

Katie McDaris Marks • Spokane

Cheryl McDermott • Mason County

Lee McIntyre • Spokane

Sandy McKenzie • Tacoma Pierce County

Amber Menke • Northeast Washington

Gina Mosey • Spokane

Jenn Mueller • Seattle King County

Angie Mykel • Seattle King County

Garrett Nelson • Seattle King County

Angela Newcomb • Spokane

Cheryl O'Brien • Tacoma Pierce County

Sam Pace • Seattle King County

Abbey Parsons • Spokane

Vince Penta • Lower Columbia

Bobbie Petrone Chipman • Tacoma Pierce County

Maureen Pfaff-Olympic Peninsula Title • Port Angeles & Sequim

Joe Pitzer • Whitman County

Colette Rarden • Seattle King County

Hailey Rarden • Seattle King County

Morgan Reay • Tacoma Pierce County

Marti Reeder • Seattle King County

Heather Renner • Clark County

MaryKay Robinson • Whatcom County

Scott Rogers • Jefferson County

Jana Ross • Tacoma Pierce County

DiAnn Sager • North Puget Sound

Paige Schulte • Tacoma Pierce County

Britney Shafer • Tacoma Pierce County

Kathleen Stauffer • Whatcom County

Denise Steigers • Thurston County

B Eliza Stephenson • Kittitas County

Leslye Stewart • Tacoma Pierce County

Mike Stewart • Tacoma Pierce County

Tia Still • Seattle King County

Jeff Strickler • Walla Walla

Anthony Stroud • Clark County

Char Taylor • Clark County

Amber Thomson • Kitsap County

Sol Villarreal • Seattle King County

Jordan Vorderbrueggen • Whitman County

Craig Walker • Seattle King County

Cameron West • North Central Washington

Darrell Whittle • Lower Columbia

Pamela Whittle • Lower Columbia

Linda Wood • Kitsap County

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