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Jana Ross: Honored with Margo Wheeler Aspiring Leader Grant

WR is excited to share that Jana Ross has been honored as a recipient of the Margo Wheeler Aspiring Leader Grant. This recognition, emblematic of exemplary leadership, community spirit, and unyielding commitment to the real estate domain, is a testament to Jana’s contributions and dedication.

A MilSpouse and a mother of two, Jana's journey in the real estate sphere began in 2015. Within just a few years, she climbed the ranks, securing her Managing Broker license in 2019 and delving into her local association committee in 2020. Her fervor for Member Services led her down an avenue filled with accomplishments, such as becoming a routine RPAC Major Investor and undertaking pivotal roles in her local association, all the way to being a board member for WR.

Jana's ethos centers around gratitude, drawing inspiration from exceptional leaders she encountered early on. The imprint of their influence is evident in her inexorable drive to serve, uplift, and champion both her community and professional peers. Notably, her service-minded approach transcends her professional commitments, seen vividly in her role as the National Volunteer Coordinator for Wear Blue: Run to Remember. 

Outside the hustle of professional life, Jana’s vivacious spirit comes alive in the simple pleasures—be it playing with her dogs, binging on Good Omens or Dr. Who with her family, or indulging in a good read. Jana's zeal for life is infectious. Whether she's rushing between commitments or savoring a plate of tacos, her warm and affable nature makes her an anchor in many lives.

Congratulations, Jana Ross! We eagerly anticipate witnessing your continued growth and leadership in the industry.