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Anzhane Slaughter Honored with Margo Wheeler Aspiring Leader Grant

WR is excited to share that Anzhane Slaughter is a distinguished awardee of the Margo Wheeler Aspiring Leader Grant. This award, emblematic of leadership, service, and unwavering dedication to the real estate community, truly resonates with Anzhane's remarkable achievements and commitment.

At just 27, Anzhane Slaughter stands out not only as a Real estate Broker but as the founder and CEO of Young Black Homeowners. An advocate with an indomitable spirit, she began her journey of community service in 2012, championing for educational reform within the Seattle Public Schools. Anzhane's dedication towards equity and justice isn't limited to words but is reflected in her actions, as evidenced by her law degree from the University of Washington.

The heart of Anzhane's mission lies in her belief that for the African American community to experience genuine liberation, financial freedom is paramount. She pivoted her career from legal and corporate realms to real estate, driven by a desire to usher financial literacy, stability, and generational wealth to her community. Since embarking on this path in 2018, Anzhane's achievements have been nothing short of remarkable. From guiding numerous black families towards homeownership to securing over $2 million in downpayment assistance, her contribution is palpable. Her recent appointment as the President of the Seattle Young Realtist Division of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers further cements her position as a beacon of hope and inspiration.

The Margo Wheeler Aspiring Leader Grant seeks to recognize individuals who exemplify dedication, leadership, and commitment in the real estate industry. Anzhane’s journey and her relentless effort to uplift her community through financial and civic literacy perfectly encapsulate the essence of this grant.

Please join us in congratulating Anzhane Slaughter for this well-deserved honor. We are excited to see how she will continue to transform and empower communities through her impactful work.