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Partnership With Black Home Initiative

Washington REALTORS ® has partnered with the Black Home Initiative, a local effort to increase the number of BIPOC households who successfully secure homeownership. BHI is centered around a shared priority of making homeownership possible for 1,500 low to moderate income Black households in South Seattle, South King County and North King County in the next five years. To accomplish this, BHI is focused on building an interconnected network of stakeholders to help address the systems that led to the inequitable outcomes we have today.

Discriminatory housing practices such as redlining and restrictive covenants have a long history in Greater Seattle — creating a staggering wealth gap that persists today. Black Home Initiative (BHI) targets the racial inequities at the core of the housing ecosystem in an effort to increase homeownership among Black households.

More information on the Black Home Initiative website here.

Black Home Initiative online Brochure