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REALTOR® volunteers roll up their sleeves in Kirkland for TREC

Once Duwamish territory and later a Finnish homestead, Kirkland’s Big Finn Hill Park is now a 220-acre constellation of trails, public facilities, and lush greenery. Upkeep in this large area is a daunting challenge, however, and there is always demand for community-minded volunteers to assist Park officials.

That’s why the REALTOR® Environmental Council (TREC) held its 14th annual Planting Project at Big Finn Hill Park on October 8.

Donning gloves and boots, 20 REALTORS® and affiliates (we were limited to 20 due to COVID protocols) removed 4 yards of blackberry and planted a combined total of 60 Salal, Yarrow, and Wild Strawberry.

This work was important for two reasons, according to Crescent Calimpong, Volunteer Program Coordinator for King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks: “The salal, yarrow and wild strawberry will become important habitat and food sources for the local birds and wildlife. The removal of blackberry means the native plants that were previously planted now have room to grow big and tall.”

TREC isn’t just volunteering. It’s an opportunity to connect with fellow professionals and nature. Our Affiliate Kelly Collins, a first-time TREC volunteer and Account Executive at Chicago Title, said, “This was my first year participating and I had a wonderful time. [I’m] looking forward to participating again next year!”

Thank you to the amazing volunteers who came out to make a difference!

Randy Bannecker
Cheri Brennan
Sarah Carter
Annie Chan
Larry Christensen
Kelly Collins
David Crowell
Gareth Fairchok
Jessica Gockel
Deidre Hicks
Michele Hunt
Yanli Lu
Dahni Malgarini-Logar
Sabrina Matson
Garrett Nelson
Sam Pace
Stephanie Quam
Maureen Richards
Rob Scarber