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Kitsap REALTORS Clean up Abandoned Homeless Encampment

KCAR Members and Staff volunteered in the first of many cleanup sessions for the Clear Creek Trail working alongside of the Kitsap Public Health Department, Solid Waste Department, as well as NWHospitality and the Clear Creek Taskforce. 

 Not only are we helping our community but we are also building relationships with the different departments, local non-profits and those whom we are helping. 

 Equipment (pickers, gloves, trash bags, etc.) were provided by the Public Health Department and NWHospitality, and all the cleanup was taken by the Solid Waste Department at completion.  Hundreds of needles, hundreds of pounds of garbage and debris were gathered and disposed of with willing hearts and hands.  This is being done weekly to clean the trail and encampment. Thank you to our volunteers and amazing professional staff for their hard work and servant leadership.  We look forward to seeing more lend a hand as this mission continues!
cleaning up homeless encampment cleaning up homeless encampment

cleaning up homeless encampment cleaning up homeless encampment