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Mask Mandate To Be Lifted

Effective Saturday, March 12th, Washington State will lift the majority of indoor mask mandates. However, private businesses and homeowners can still require masks if they choose. The message is “please respect the rules of the room.”  

Brokers and their clients must adhere to any requirements or restrictions imposed by the seller of a property, including required appointments, mandatory face coverings, capacity limitations, or other instructions. Listing brokers should detail any requirements in the listing and post signs at the property regarding any specific instructions (e.g. face covering required to enter). As always, brokers should be respectful of others and continue to follow all recommended health guidelines.

In addition, real estate firms may require that employees, brokers, and visitors wear a mask in the office.  Firms should continue to comply with all other recommended health guidelines.

The latest information about the Washington State coronavirus response is available here.