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Announcement From DOL


While the Professional Online Licensing and Regulatory Information System (POLARIS) system is down for licensees to access the login portal, Washington REALTORS® has confirmed with the Real Estate Division at Department of Licensing interim options for new and renewing applicants.



To qualify you must:

·         Be at least 18 years old.

·         Have a high school diploma or equivalent.

·         Complete 90 hours of approved real estate education. This education must include:

    • A 60-hour course in Real Estate Fundamentals.
    • A 30-hour course in Real Estate Practices.

·         You must complete your education within 2 years before applying for the exam.

·         Visit the Course Search for a list of approved real estate education.

·         Reciprocity applicants don't need to take the 90 hours.

·         Pass the broker's exam(s).

·         Be ready to answer legal background questions and provide documents if needed.

·         Submit your fingerprints for the background check (due every 6 years).


click here for a link to real estate license application form


In addition to the completed application, applicants are also advised to send score reports, complete fingerprints (NOTE: DOL cannot accept the fingerprint cards, rather they will be sent to DOL through Identigo), and application fee. 


Applicants may begin working for a limited period from the postmark date of the application to the Real Estate Licensing office, provided the application is complete, ref: WAC 308-124A-730.


Here is a link to instructions to obtain initial licensure.



For real estate licensees who have tried to renew their licenses during this time DOL has created an Intent to Renew form. Once submitted, DOL will not take action against your license based on its expiration date while POLARIS is down. Please see this webpage for further information:


The process entails

1.       Submit an intent to renew form. 

                                                               i.      Make sure to complete the entire document (e.g. select the check boxes indicating your preference/intent).

                                                             ii.      If you prefer to wait until the online system is operational DOL will reach out to licensees with a reminder email.


Here is a link to the license renewal instruction page on the DOL website.



Finally, for further information regarding the outage, please click here for the DOL update page.