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Call The Tech Helpline First

As many of you know the Tech Helpline is a free service covered under your WR REALTORS® membership and can save time and money for brokers experiencing technical issues.  As technology becomes more complex, and layers of security increase the barrier to self-help often consulting a professional is the necessary step after frustrating hours of trying to solve the problem yourself.  According to Tech Helpline, “the problem often becomes what we think will take a couple of minutes to correct ends up taking a lot more time than we ever imagined. Ten minutes of troubleshooting can quickly turn into 30 minutes or more before we give in and seek assistance.”   

Additionally, the global pandemic and necessity of arms reach transactions, have created even more of a reliance on sometimes unfamiliar technology. For example, how many times prior to 2020 was Docusign a necessary service you provided to your client?  In a survey done by the Tech Helpline 78% of respondents said that it was the most valuable technology in the last 12 months.  The Technology Survey also found that “in the next 12 months, respondents say that the five technology tools they will use in their business will be eSignatures (73 percent), social media (53 percent), local MLS apps/technology (47 percent), customer relationship management or CRM (44 percent), and lockboxes (43 percent).” 


Looking ahead, we will be using even more technology, including drones, cybersecurity, 5G, and virtual reality which are forecasted to be the most impactful emerging technologies to real estate businesses. The bottom line: let the tech experts focus on helping you fix your glitch and get back to business by reaching out first. Use your free resources to focus on the important part of your business, your clients. 

To learn more about the Tech Helpline, visit their website here