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Get the Facts 10.31.23

Register for Operation Evolve: Revising Agency Law and Industry Practices ASAP! 

This education is imperative to your business, REALTORS®! January 1, 2024, Agency Law undergoes a transformation that will impact how you do business in every way, from agreements with clients to compensation structures…it’s crucial that you’re prepared! Avoid financial, legal and/or regulatory issues by registering for Operation Evolve: Revising Agency Law and Industry Practices today. 

The Details:
November 28th, 2023, 9:00AM- 12:30PM
Instructor: Annie Fitzsimmons
Live Webinar - 3.5 CE
Member Price: $25

IMPORTANT: There is another Designated and Managing Brokers ONLY version of this course being offered December 5th, 2023. Register here.  

Register Here. 

The Verdict Is In...Burnett Questions Answered
After an 11-day trial in the case of Burnett v. NAR et al, the eight-person jury in a Kansas City, Mo., federal courtroom, came back Tuesday and found NAR and other corporate defendants liable in the case. We have received an important message from NAR President Tracy Kasper regarding the verdict in Burnett v. NAR et al with a helpful FAQ on how this verdict impacts our members and what the next steps for NAR will be…
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White House Aims to Fast-Track Commercial Conversions
Many urban and rural areas nationwide are plagued by empty commercial buildings, with office vacancies reaching a 30-year high, according to the Council of Economic Advisers. A new White House plan seeks to adapt these vacant commercial buildings for residential reuse, which could help answer the desperate call from the real estate industry for more homes. NAR applauds the Biden administration's latest efforts to support greater affordable housing through converting vacant office and commercial space. 
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Setting the Standard: WR Wins Silver Global Achievement Program Award!
We are pleased to announce that Washington REALTORS® has been awarded the Silver Global Achievement Program Award! Each application for this award is reviewed by a 12-person NAR staff group from a variety of teams across NAR in order to provide a wide range of input & perspective to each of the applications. Evaluation is done in five areas: Business Plan, Marketing & Communication, Events/Education, Outreach, and Benchmarking. The group determined that our global efforts and our continuous relationship with Real Estate Academy Mongolia WR’s Ambassador Association demonstrated a SOLID level of service throughout 2023! We couldn't be more proud, thank you to everyone involved for making this award possible.
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Floor Plans & Listings: Exciting News! 
Exciting news for our industry! The recent federal court ruling protected a widely used marketing practice in our industry—including floor plan drawings in listings. Now, you can confidently showcase those two-dimensional layouts to offer buyers a clearer picture of their potential homes without concern of copyright issues. 

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