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DBrief Episode 01: Communicating REALTOR® Value to Your Brokers





In today's fast-paced real estate landscape, there are an abundance of challenges headlining our industry. Especially around the dues billing period, some of your brokers might question the value they're getting as members of the REALTOR® association. Washington REALTORS® introduces "DBrief," a video series tailored to Designated Broker/Owner & Managing Brokers. The purpose of this series is to ensure that our Designated Brokers and Owners stay well-informed and receive continuous support from the association. For our first installment, Alisha Harrison, 2023 WR President and Nathan Gorton, WR CEO discuss the value of being a REALTOR® office, and how to effectively communicate that to your brokers. 

This initiative aligns with our strategic plan, aiming to keep our community of over 22,000 informed and our 1600+ Designated Brokers/Managing Brokers leading with assurance. Expect these insightful updates on the 1st and 15th of each month (This episode is dropping a few days early so the next episode will launch on the 1st of November).

Why REALTOR® Membership Matters

Are your brokers asking you, "What am I getting in return for my membership dues?" Let's break it down into talking points you can easily communicate to them:

  1. Advocacy: Throughout our history, Washington REALTORS® has been at the forefront of pivotal changes. We've:
    • Worked towards making Washington one of the most consumer-friendly states for real estate transactions.
    • Advocated against an increase in State Capital Gains Tax on real estate
    • Protected Independent Contractor status at the state and federal levels.
    • Prevented tax increases that would adversely affect our members and their clients.
    • During the pandemic, our association played a critical role. When COVID restrictions threatened transactions for over 20,000 clients, we stepped in, establishing clarity for all involved in the real estate sector and ensuring that REALTORS® were a leading voice throughout.
  2. Ethics: The REALTOR® Code of Ethics sets our members apart. It's not just a document but a commitment to uphold unparalleled standards of professionalism, honesty, and respect. Being a REALTOR® signifies a dedication to a higher standard of service.
  3. Resources: Our members benefit from tools and resources like the Legal Hotline and the Tech Helpline, among others. These invaluable services help navigate the intricacies of the real estate industry, saving money and avoiding potential pitfalls.

Moreover, Washington REALTORS® is increasing its media presence, shining light on positive industry stories and advocacy matters, and leaning into challenges, always with the objective of emerging stronger.

Connect With Us

Feedback and open communication are vital. We invite brokers to share questions, concerns, and ideas on how we can better support our members. Let's keep the dialogue flowing and collaborate towards a stronger, more resilient future in real estate. Do you have a question or comment you’d like WR to address in future DBriefs? Submit them HERE or email or

We're also excited about our upcoming Washington REALTORS® Legislative Days event on January 17th and 18th in Olympia (SAVE THE DATE!). Witness our association in action as hundreds of REALTORS® come together to advocate for change that benefits both the industry and Washington homeowners. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information on how to register.

In conclusion, challenging times push us to grow, adapt, and evolve. Washington REALTORS® remains steadfast in its commitment to the real estate industry and the broader Washington community. Together, we're shaping the future of real estate in the state.

Thank you for your continued membership and for being a part of our REALTOR® community.