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Eastern WA Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Beatty

WR is delighted to spotlight Elizabeth Beatty of Eastern Washington, an individual with deep roots in the REALTOR® association and an unwavering commitment to its members.

Elizabeth's journey with the REALTOR® association began at age 18 when she worked there for about a year. Her boss at the time, Rob Higgins, noted that "everyone should be greeted with the smile that Elizabeth wears every single day." Her warm and steady demeanor has a calming effect on people, and her preparation, eloquence, and seriousness in representing the association are truly commendable.

Everything Elizabeth does revolves around the well being of the members. Her focus is on empowerment and mentoring incoming leaders. As a testament to her dedication, she is set to serve as the President of the Spokane REALTORS® in 2024, and all of her Vice Chairs are new, incoming leaders. Elizabeth passionately believes in helping grow new leaders and witnessing individuals progress towards their goals. 

Elizabeth's dedication to the association and its members is truly inspiring, and we thank her for her invaluable contributions to the her local and state association. 

Congratulations, Elizabeth!