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Navigating the Burnett v. NAR Trial: Resources and Reminders

In light of the ongoing Burnett v. NAR trial, we wanted to highlight the importance of staying informed while also avoiding undue alarm amidst the deluge of media reports. NAR President, Tracy Kasper, has shared some explainer resources including FAQs & reminders to ensure we remain focused and united as we navigate these uncertain times
Your Resources for Genuine Information

1. NAR's Official Updates: NAR has set up a dedicated section for updates on the trial, available on the homepage under "Burnett Trial Updates."

2. REALTOR® Magazine: A comprehensive pre-trial summary has been provided, giving a clear idea of what to expect. Post-trial, another article will be published summarizing the outcome, ensuring members have access to accurate and concise information throughout the trial period.

·       Value Proposition Toolkit for Associations
·       How Member Dues are Used
·       Maximizing Your Member Benefits
·       MLS Information & Resources
·       3-way agreement
·       Litigation Fact Sheet 10.13.23

Why NAR is Taking a Measured Approach 

It's crucial to understand that while many of us are eager for daily updates, NAR has chosen to be more reserved in their communications. This is to protect the integrity of the trial and prevent any unintended consequences that public statements might bring. It's a classic case of ensuring that the trial's specifics are battled in the courtroom and not in the public arena.

Sensationalist News & The Need for Perspective 

We're aware that media outlets may indulge in sensationalism or daily speculative commentary. While NAR is committed to clarifying any gross misinformation, it's imperative that we, as a community, avoid getting swayed by such reports. Remember, initial coverage will lean heavily on the plaintiffs' position, and it's essential to wait until the defense presents its case.

It's also worth noting that even after the trial concludes and a verdict is delivered, a lengthy appeals process is anticipated. As such, we must maintain a long-term perspective and not get bogged down by short-lived news cycles.

Confidence in NAR's Legal Approach 

The NAR legal team and its external advisors have been meticulously preparing for this trial. Their approach is rooted in showcasing a robust pro-consumer and pro-business competition stance. As Tracy Kasper aptly mentions, NAR has always championed the cause of consumers and competition and will continue to do so.

In closing, during these tumultuous times, it's essential to rely on accurate resources, maintain perspective, and stay united as a community. We appreciate the continued support and understanding from all our members.

Thank you for standing with NAR.