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Embracing AI and ChatGPT in Real Estate: A Guide for Success

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making waves across industries, and real estate is no exception. AI offers groundbreaking potential to transform the way brokers approach their work, enhancing efficiency, and refining their marketing strategies.

One of the frontrunners of this technological revolution is OpenAI’s language model, ChatGPT. In this article we’ll take an in-depth look at AI and ChatGPT, how they can be leveraged in real estate, and some best practices, do’s and don’ts, and common mistakes to avoid.

AI and ChatGPT: An Overview

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that facilitates machines to accomplish tasks that generally require human intelligence. AI can streamline operations, provide better-quality leads, deliver vital property data in seconds, and save you valuable time.

ChatGPT, a product of AI, is an advanced chatbot that’s taking the world by storm. Trained on extensive data, it’s capable of providing intelligent, informative, and accurate responses to a wide range of topics, from science and technology to literature and arts. It serves as a virtual assistant that can answer questions, offer explanations, and make suggestions.

And most importantly for you, it can assist with tasks like writing property descriptions, video scripts, blogs, and more!

How Can AI and ChatGPT Enhance Real Estate Practices?

There are several ways AI and ChatGPT can revolutionize your real estate business. Here are a few to consider:

  • Determining Prospective Sellers: AI can help identify homeowners most likely to sell in your area, giving you a competitive edge.
  • Writing Property Descriptions: ChatGPT can aid in creating engaging property descriptions. It’s crucial, however, to provide detailed information about the property for ChatGPT to generate a useful description.
  • Creating Content: Be it blogs or video scripts, ChatGPT can help you create compelling content. >Make sure to add your personal touch and make necessary edits to ensure uniqueness and reflect your brand’s personality.

Best Practices, Do’s and Don’ts, and Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Be Commanding, Not Questioning: To generate effective results, it’s better to use commands rather than questions. Instead of asking, “How do I follow up with a cold lead?” command: “Give me step-by-step instructions for following up with cold leads.”
  • Use AI as a Complement, Not Replacement: While AI and ChatGPT are powerful tools, they cannot replace human expertise and judgment. Real estate is complex and nuanced, and it’s always crucial to consult with experienced professionals when making significant decisions.
  • Be Aware of Potential Errors and Duplication: AI-generated content can occasionally contain errors and might not always be unique. Always review and edit the AI-generated content before using it.>
  • Stay Updated with Advanced Concepts: AI technology is rapidly evolving. It’s crucial to stay updated and experiment with advanced concepts.
  • Embrace Other AI Tools: There are several other AI tools like Writesonic, Jasper, and Rytr, which can also contribute significantly to your real estate business.

Use Prompts to Generate the Ideal Response

Using the right prompts can make all the difference. The key is being specific! Here are a few ideas:

“Write a real estate listing description for a 4-bedroom, 3-bath home in [location]. The home features an open floor plan, a gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a spacious master suite with a walk-in closet, and a backyard perfect for entertaining.”

“Create an enticing description for a new real estate development project that features [number] residential units, [number] commercial spaces, and community amenities such as [list amenities].”

“Draft a blog post about the advantages and disadvantages of buying vs. renting a home in [location]. Ensure the content is SEO-friendly and appealing to potential buyers.”

“Generate a script for a 1-minute promotional video about my real estate services, emphasizing my local market knowledge, negotiation skills, and dedication to customer service.”

“Provide a step-by-step guide for first-time homebuyers detailing the process from securing a mortgage pre-approval to closing on their first home.”

“Write an email to a prospective client who has expressed interest in a property, outlining the next steps in the buying process and offering to schedule a private showing.”

“Create content for a social media post promoting an open house event for a luxury property in [location], highlighting key features of the home and inviting followers to attend.”

“Generate a series of follow-up messages for leads who have visited an open house but have not yet made an offer.”

“Write an article about the latest real estate trends in [location] and how these trends are impacting home prices and sales activity.”

“Create a script for a TikTok video providing tips for staging a home to sell quickly and at the best possible price.”

Remember, these prompts should be adjusted based on your specific needs and details about the properties or topics you’re discussing. AI can provide valuable assistance in creating content, but it’s always essential to review and edit the output to ensure it meets your expectations and provides accurate, relevant information.

In conclusion, AI and ChatGPT are transformative tools that can bring tremendous efficiency and sophistication to your real estate practice. By understanding these technologies and using them wisely, you can propel your business to new heights. Happy selling!

Looking for more free resources? We have a free ChatGPT cheat-sheet on our site at I’d love to hear from you — connect with me @katielance over on Instagram and let me know!

Washington REALTORS®, in no way, endorses any individual Artificial Intelligence products or company. Note: please make sure to review the results of AI generated content to check for bias and Fair Housing violations before using it in marketing efforts.

About the Author

Katie Lance is the author of #GetSocialSmart and founder and CEO of Katie Lance Consulting, a social media strategy firm and founder of the #GetSocialSmart Academy. She’s been recognized by Inman News as one of the 100 most influential people in real estate and is a featured keynote speaker at many industry events.

This article originally appeared in the Summer 2023 issue of RE Magazine.