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A Simple Stress-LESS Business Plan for Success

At the end of each year, we look at our production and ask ourselves certain questions. These questions, in our view, measure how we feel about this last year’s performance.  Some of these questions include:

1. Did I earn enough?
2. Did I do enough?
3. We may even ask….”Am I Enough?

The truth is, we tend to analyze the value of our efforts solely through the measure of our numbers.  And, while this, no doubt, is one of the valid measures, it is not the only one. We make a difference to others, and we often provide certainty in times where our customers rely on us to be that steady hand when the worries tend to occupy their head.  The point is what we do matters. We matter.
Now, all that to say, to enhance our efforts create an even greater direction for our next year’s focus and deliverance of value, we need a plan.  We need a Simple, Stress-LESS, Business Plan for Success. The plan below has 3 Key Elements and 10 total steps

1. What Do You Want? (money, make an impact, more listings etc.)
2. Why Do You Want It? (be a top producer, build relationships, earn more per hour)
3. What Do You Stand to Gain If You Get It? (recognition, meaning, more free time)

1. What have you been doing that has been working (creating opportunities)?
2. How consistent are you at doing those things that are working?
3. What do you need to do more of?
4. What do you need to STOP doing?

• Change Your “Shoulds” to MUSTS
• Remember that your future is the present that hasn’t happened yet—FOCUS on TODAY!
At the end of the day, REMEMBER—if you want to change your life, you must help others do the same.  So, don’t just focus on the commissions, focus on your clients needs and life transitions and the commissions will happen naturally.  Here’s to 2023!!

By Dennis Giannetti, MS