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Success Without Stress!

Let’s face it, being a Real Estate Agent, isn’t a job. Its your business! You are not an employee; you are a business owner. Well, guess what that means?
It means you are responsible for:

• Marketing
• Advertising
• Customer Service
• Negotiating
• Paperwork — which included the legal and ethical elements of such work
• Creating Inventory
• Budgeting
• Technology
• Follow Up
• And yes, many times, MORE!

Some recognize this right away when the first get into the industry. Others figure it out much later when they are struggling—even when they are succeeding financially. Yet at the end of the day, YOU are the boss, the employee, and the BRAND that is your business.  Sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? Or does it?!

The truth is, while all of this seems overwhelming and stressful, it doesn’t have to be. You can create success without stress—or at least, without stress nearly as often as you would think. But, how? First, a couple of thoughts to consider.

1.  Stress is a perceived lack of control. 
As Stephen Covey noted in what he called “The Circle of Concerns”; we can either influence situations or control them. If we can do neither, there is often little reason for concern.  Ask yourself when you feel stressed:

a.  Is there anyway I can control this situation?

b.  Is there anyway I can influence this situation (or those in it?) 

Ask until you get an answer for one or both questions. When you find those answers, determine what your next best step will be. 

If you can’t bounce your thoughts to a trusted advisor (broker, peer, and or coach) and let them help put a fresh perspective on it for you.

2.  Overwhelm is not having too much to do, it is a matter of knowing what the next best thing to do is.  Granted sometimes we have a ton to do. But we must ask ourselves…how did that happen?  In order to be able to control or overcome the feeling of overwhelm, we must be able to identify what I call you CPC.  In short:

a.  Clarity:  What do you want and why do you want it?  Peel that Onion!!!

b.  Priorities: Now that you are clear, what are the outcomes, tasks, and habits you need to prioritize to make that clarity a reality?

c.  Consistency: It would be lovely if we could be one and done with things that we must do to be who want to be and have what we want to have.  But the truth is, Consistency bring persistence, resiliency and the formation of habits that create continuous success.

Is it possible to have Success Without Stress? 

The answer is actually no!  Stress is a signal that we need to gain control or impart some influence. It is a sign that we need to get clear, prioritize and, create what I call “Habits of ExSellence” that will bring us forward. Stress can be a gift that teaches us how to be successful. But when we don’t learn the lesson, well we will just keep on stressin!

Dennis Giannetti

Dennis Giannetti is a Life and Business Strategist, Coach and Real Estate Trainer. He is also a Master Ninja Selling Instructor, Licensed Go-Giver Keynote Speaker, Robbins Madanes Trained Coach, and Certified Negotiator/Mediator. He has been in the real estate business since 2000.