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Level-Up Your Lead Generation with LIVE Energy!

The last two years have been brutal for most real estate agents. Let’s face it, most of us intentionally avoided a 9-5 gig at all costs because we couldn’t fathom sitting at a desk for eight hours a day. We need variety! We need people! We need personal interaction! 

The pandemic, however, put a swift end to our office meetings, live classes, client events, and more and replaced these with a computer monitor and software that we certainly would have been worse without, but really did not take the place of that live interaction. 

With COVID numbers going down and things seemingly opening back up, it is time to re-infuse your business with some live energy. Ahh! Doesn’t that sound great? It is also true that many agents are suffering from an uncertain pipeline as well due to lack of inventory in the market, so here are six great ways to incorporate some live lead generation ideas into your 2022 business plan:

Open House Opportunities

Yes, yes, yes, I know, today’s open houses are stressful, full of buyers who are likely represented by other agents, who couldn’t get a showing appointment, etc. I get it. But that is why I want you to focus on open houses as a great way to attract sellers in the neighborhood. 

Many agents I work with have found great success in sending out a letter to the neighbors indicating they have listed the neighbor’s house, the neighbor can expect increased traffic over the next few days, the agent would be happy to put a “slow down” sign outside their house if the neighbor has kids or pets they are concerned about, but most importantly, the letter invites the neighbor to attend a neighbors-only open house hour before the open house. Then make sure you don’t skimp on signage and property marketing material available in the house. It is like you are doing a listing presentation before they even think of selling and you are there to wow!  Follow up with a letter when the home has pended and one when it has closed. The combination of visual wow factor, being of service through providing information, and being live is a formula that has been very effective in creating relationships with sellers. 

Connect at a Class

People need a break from online learning, so this is a wonderful opportunity to offer a live learning option. Teaching first-time homebuyer classes is an option, but there are also classes that can target sellers. How about addressing the elephant in the room and teaching a class on ideological relocation or preparing your home for sale? You could also create a class on downsizing or using your equity to buy an investment property. Or how about a class on what to know about buying a house with and ADU or ADU potential (as selling first may be a consideration). There is no shortage of topics to have a class on when you put your mind to it! 

Get Into the Group Groove

The pandemic has caused people to re-evaluate their priorities and get refocused on the things they find most important. There are also people retiring, have job movement, and are relocating. Therefore, right now is a great opportunity to think about what this means for you and who you want to connect with. Organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Business Networking International, and more are revving back up and this is a great opportunity to determine where you fit in. Take a look at the culture of the group as well as the time commitment and membership makeup to make sure it is something you can commit to and that it is in line with your business and personal goals. 

Other groups to consider include those that speak to your personal interests – painting and sketching get-togethers, bike riding meetups, church groups, and fitness groups are all great ways to get you out of the house, connecting, and creating relationships that may bring you business.  

Be Visual When You Volunteer

More people are ready to volunteer in their communities so look for opportunities that allow you to engage with others. It can be as simple as devoting a few hours on a weekend to making a longer-term commitment, so choose something that you can actually commit to. If you are so inclined, take some photos and post on social media as well to bring attention to the organization you are helping and to help you connect with others who may be inspired by your actions and who may join you next time. 

Event Sponsorships with Style

These can be very effective if they tie into a niche market that you are already targeting. For example, if you have already targeted a geographical farm and are implementing a mail campaign to that farm, sponsoring an event such as a golf tournament at the neighborhood golf course or a clean-up day at a local park can be a fantastic communication layer for that farm. I also suggest that you attend the event you are sponsoring and volunteer. Be seen! 

Connect at a Client Event

Put a lead generation spin on a regular client appreciation event with an option to bring a friend! For example, you could sponsor a wine tasting at a local winery and indicate your client can bring a friend or family member. This will allow you to not only have a wonderful event and connect with your client, but your client will have an even better time as they are there with someone they know AND this allows you to connect with someone new while your client is likely singing your praises. That is a win-win-win!

Of course, you should weigh the risks and rewards of having a group of people coming together as community COVID numbers fluctuate. Also make sure that if you are paying for a venue or putting money towards an event that may be cancelled that you understand how and when you may receive a refund. 

It is time to get out of our COVID comfort zone and shake things up. Adding a few live opportunities in 2022 will freshen up your business…and your outlook!

Denise Lones

Denise Lones, president of The Lones Group and author of the weekly syndicated Zebra Report, brings over two decades of experience in the real estate industry with expertise in branding, strategic marketing, business analysis, and broker/managing broker training. You can reach Denise at (360) 527-8904 or at