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Boost Your Confidence On Camera

Videos that you create and share on social media are one of the best types of content available in your marketing tool belt.

Why? Video connects you with your audience and helps build a “know, like and trust” factor digitally! Throughout the pandemic, video become one of the best ways to authentically and safely communicate with your peers and consumers. Even as we ease into a post-pandemic world (hopefully), video is here to stay! So get your phone out and start practicing. It’s easier than you think and to help you along the way, here are a few tips to maximize your video content:

One: You don’t always have to be on camera. 

Good news, right? The next time you have a new listing, take out your phone and record 5 to 10 - 2 to 3 second clips on your phone. This might be a short clip of the kitchen, the backyard, opening the front door, walking to the home, etc. Now, on your phone you have a handful of clips of that house. 
Open up TikTok or Instagram Reels, add some trending music and a little bit of text and voila! You have now created a quick and simple piece of content that’s informative but fun and playful. As a bonus tip, you might even add your brand colors or logo.

Two: Tell a story of a milestone. 

I love using the “1 Second Everyday” app to capture and one second clips throughout the course of a year. You can use this to create a quick video highlighting the progress of a year, but for real estate you might use this tool to create a quick video showcasing a local community, or a home being built, or the process of getting a home on the market. 

I use “1 Second Everyday” in conjunction with the Videoshop app to speed up the video and add pictures or videos to create something fun and engaging. Add some music through Instagram Reels, TikTok, or YouTube and again, you’ve created something entertaining and creative. 

Three: Share a quick tip. 

As a REALTOR*, you are a subject matter expert! What are some questions you get asked all the time? Think about those common questions and use them to create tips on topics like community, relocation, moving, listing a home, buying a home etc. Not sure where to start? Begin with brainstorming a list of 10 to 15 quick tips. 

Think in terms of clips instead of long videos. When you record each video, record a few clips separately, such as a quick introduction, then two or three points and then a separate clip for the ending. Open up Instagram Reels, TikTok or YouTube Shorts and upload each one of those clips and add a little bit of text and you have great video content! 

Now you’ve created a great piece of content that’s quick to make, helpful to your clients, and can help establish you as an authority in your local area. 
The key to incorporating video into your content mix is setting up a plan for creating, editing and then distributing your content. 


Now, what may be holding you back isn’t a lack of ideas – but perhaps you are uncomfortable on camera? You aren’t alone! Here are five confidence-boosting tips to help improve your video content! 

1. Be prepared. Don’t script everything out but have a strong sense of what you are going to talk about. Create some talking points before you film to help you practice.

2. Practice! The first time you say the words out loud shouldn’t be on camera. Practice out loud a few times with the same voice and energy as you would when you are on camera. Practicing helps big time! 

3. Smile. Before you hit record, SMILE and have energy. Imagine you are welcoming people into your home for a party – have that type of welcoming spirit! 

4. Keep it simple. Start with what you have. You don’t need a ton of fancy equipment – start with your phone! 

5. Be comfortable with your clothing. Know what feels good to you and what you are comfortable in. 

Bonus Tip!  Clean your camera lens! There is nothing worse than an icky lens. Clean it off!

Katie Lance

Katie Lance is the author of #GetSocialSmart and founder and CEO of Katie Lance Consulting, a social media strategy firm and founder of the #GetSocialSmart Academy. She’s been recognized by Inman News as one of the 100 most influential people in real estate and is a featured keynote speaker at many industry events. Katie is also is the author of the best-selling book, #GetSocialSmart

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