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How We Can Do Better & Be Better in 2022

Considering the time of year, new year’s resolutions and business planning.

Ways we can incorporate DEI into our business planning to ensure we’re living up to our Realtor® pledge. 


  • Get the AHWD designation
  • Complete Fairhaven training
  • Complete NAR’s implicit bias training, and commit to making a conscious effort to employ this training in all your daily interactions
  • Attend Martin Luther King, Jr/Black History Month/Women’s History Month/AAPI Heritage Month, etc. activities; consider sponsoring or getting on planning committees for these events, as well
  • Watch any of the videos that are archived on the WR DEI page
    Join a diverse real estate organization and get actively involved
  • Attend a cultural competency class
  • Devote time each month to reading a book/listening to a podcast about diversity, equity and inclusion (reference the lists on the DEI page as a starting point)
  • Re-evaluate your processes to ensure that all of your clients are receiving equitable service, and explore ways to increase engagement with diverse communities/clients in your area
  • Get involved at the city/county/state level regarding housing issues, and make your voice heard if you feel that proposed policies will adversely affect diverse communities; attend local and state GA meetings to find out how best to affect change in your community